The Beauty of Trying Something New

The Beauty of Trying Something New

Can you remember trying out hobbies for the first time as a kid? I often feel sorry for my parents, who splashed out on endless lessons just to see if anything would stick. Despite singing lessons, I still sound like a dying cat, despite acting lessons, I have the acting ability of a piece of cardboard, and despite dancing lessons, I still have two left feet.

As we get older, it seems like fewer and fewer of us have hobbies. If you excelled at a hobby  as a kid, you might have ended up in a career related to it- or may have ended up dropping it, with the lack of time adult-life gives us.

For many of us, the upside of the pandemic is the removal of many of the distractions of modern life. While we may not be able to do many of the things we love, we’ve also gained back a load of time. And what could be better than picking up a hobby?

If you’re in lockdown, there are some limitations to what new hobbies you can pick up. Picking up rock-climbing in a studio apartment is probably a no go, while it’s also probably quite difficult to buy a pottery wheel at the moment. Yet, there are tons of brilliant, creative hobbies to pick up from home: painting, knitting and playing instruments.

Trying something new has tons of perks. Putting your creative energy into something new can be hugely rewarding and therapeutic. Setting some time to focus on something new and challenging can break up the monotony of the days: especially while we’re in lockdown. Online, there are many communities dedicated to different creative pursuits: which can both help you improve your craft and connect with other people.

Of course, when you’re starting out a new hobby, it’s easy to get carried away. You may start having fantasies of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or starting the hottest new knitwear company. Yet, with any new hobby, comes the initial baby steps. It might be frustrating to go to a canvas and discover that your paintings look less like Leonardo DiVinci and more like a five year old’s sketch. But this is half the fun: failing is something we are so often scared to do in our adult lives. Removing ourselves from the perfectionism that so often creeps into our professional lives is hugely liberating. If you’re starting a new hobby, you can’t compare yourself to someone who has been working in that creative field for 20 years- however tempting it may be. 

Letting yourself be creative- whether or not you end up being good can be the ultimate destresser. Let yourself enjoy something new, and get lost in the process. 

Whatever you decide to do with your spare time, Uppo is there to support you (and your wrists!) on your new creative pursuits.