Frequently Asked Questions

Measure your wrist circumference by wrapping a piece of string around your wrist, cut it to the perfect length and then measure this with a ruler. Follow our size guide below to find your perfect fit.

Size guide:
S = 13-15 cm
M = 16-18 cm
L = 19-21 cm

Slide the rest onto your wrist like a bracelet, placing the gel ball on the underside - between your desk and your wrist. You will then be able to roll your hand along your keyboard and mouse with support that eases pressure and pain in the long-run.

Dependent on your wants and needs. Many people find they benefit from having a rest on both their keyboard and mouse hand. However it’s completely down to personal preference. The rests are sold individually.

At present we only stock the colours listed on the website. However if you’re looking for a personalised, corporate design, please get in touch to see how we can help!

A study was conducted by the RSU Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health in June 2020. The study concluded that the filling material of Uppo was good for soft tissue when put under prolonged pressure. The gel pad was also found to adapt efficiently and effectively when using a computer mouse, giving the user prolonged comfort.