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Ergonomic Wrist Rest Band for Computer Users & Desk Workes

wrist pain and carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Symptom Release

computer workers wrist rest

Wrist Rest For All Computer Workers

soft silk touch

Soft Silk Touch

anatomic fit

Anatomic Fit

breathable textile

Breathable Textile

designed and handmade in Latvia

Designed And Handmade In Latvia (EU)

Uppo ergonomic wrist support is designed and medically tested with occupational doctors from Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health at Riga Stradins University (European Union). Our wrist rest for computer users provides comfort when working with keyboard or mouse. It keeps your wrist in neutral ergonomic position thus relieving wrist pain and other carpal tunnel symptoms. Use Uppo on both hands each time when working from home or office.
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