Why Should Every Gamer Invest In Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Support?

Every gamer knows that time flies when you get your hands on your favorite game. We know that challenges and missions in your game won’t stop you, but wrist pain can. Without a proper mouse and ​​keyboard wrist support, carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as the ‘silent killer for PC gamers,’ is a risk for gamers who do not take proper precautions when handling their mouse or keyboard. 

You might not notice the tension in your wrist after hours spent gaming, but it slowly builds up to cause pain and numbness. Most PC gamers tend to believe they are relaxing when playing computer games. On the contrary, you use many muscles typing and using your mouse and/or tablet. The stress of the game also causes your arms, shoulders, and eyes to tense. This tension then feeds to your muscles and tendons, which, more often than not, restricts crucial blood flow to your hands and wrists.

These issues, combined with improper posture, can result in wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or eventually cause the so-called gamer’s wrist.

keyboard wrist support
Uppo wrist rest for computer users

The silent killer of pro gamers: carpal tunnel syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the silent killer of pro gamers and has been the cause of why many pro gamers end up retiring far too soon. Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, and burning sensations are just the beginning of the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS starts when the median nerve in your wrist gets compressed too much. It happens when the tissue surrounding the nerve gets inflamed and swells. Inflammation usually occurs due to repetitive movement (like when you type or use a mouse), previous wrist or hand injury, and health conditions like arthritis and diabetes.

This could later cause a weakness in your hand and a lack of functionality for fine motor skills. In extreme cases, pro gamers might even lose parts of their thumb muscles due to deterioration. Sadly, the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome are typically brushed off. However, when the early stages are missed, it can grow into a more serious condition. Severe cases often require surgery and medication, but without proper prevention, you might develop chronic pain and muscle weakness.

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Ways gamers can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome


While carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain are serious health concerns, that shouldn’t scare you away from enjoying your hobbies. There are many ways you can prevent it and protect your wrists. 

Some basic things every PC gamer should do:

  • Take breaks – breaks are good for your wrists but also great for your eyes, legs, and back. Walk around, stretch, and go outside, it will help relax tensed muscles and increase your focus for the next game.
  • Be active – simple exercises for the wrists can increase your mobility and reduce discomfort and stiffness. Here’s a great video to help you learn some basic wrist exercises for gamers.
  • Invest in an ergonomic gaming station – most professional gamers know that a powerful computer is only a fraction of gaming success. A comfortable chair, desk, high-resolution monitor, gaming mouse, and keyboard contribute to your performance. But they aren’t just nice gadgets to have, gaming equipment is usually designed to accommodate your body so that you could sit comfortably for long periods of time. 
  • Last but not least – don’t forget wrist rest or wrist support bands. Wrist rest is a padding that you put under your wrist to keep them relaxed and in a straight position. However, when the action starts, you can’t keep switching the rest between the keyboard and mouse. That’s why wrist support bands are the way to go.


A man playing a PC game
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Uppo mouse and keyboard wrist support for gamers

As simple as Uppo may seem, it is its simplicity and uniquely stylish design that assembles a plethora of limitless opportunities for the gaming world. Professional and casual gamers alike are known to wear various supportive gadgets or braces to help prevent wrist pain and improper hand posture.

Uppo’s design is very slick, stylish, and lightweight in fact, people who have written reviews claim to have forgotten the ergonomic mouse and keyboard wrist support band was even on their wrist!

Not only that but the elastic material of the wristband can be used for unlimited periods of time. The fabric is made of high-quality materials used for professional sportswear. It prevents sweating and odors, so you can forget about skin irritation.

Uppo, derived from the word “uplift,” is an ergonomic wrist rest developed for PC gamers that use a mouse or type for extended periods. The easy-to-use, easy-to-wash, and mobile device assists in proper posture, preventing serious injuries. Uppo also contains an innovative filling that can even be used as a stress ball from losing a huge matchup.

A man playing a computer game
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To sum up: why should PC gamers use Uppo mouse and keyboard wrist support?

As you can see, the possibilities for Uppo are limitless in the PC gaming world if given a chance. Gaming and health industries are now becoming more closely connected as Esports has officially become a professional sport.

We believe that once Uppo has been given a spotlight, it will take over the ergonomic wristband world by storm. Let us go over some quick features of the Uppo wristband once more:

Healthy Wrists

  • Supports lifting the wrist and setting it into its natural position.
  • Avoids incorrect pressure and wrist posture
  • Can prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Can prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Prevents rubbing and wrist calluses


  • Slick and stylish design
  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Highly affordable

Unlimited Usage

  • Can be used for unlimited periods of time
  • Elastic material for comfort
  • Lightweight

Less Stress

  • Lowers daily stress levels
  • Can be used as a stress ball
  • Can gently massage your wrist improving blood flow


Whether you are a rookie or a professional gamer, an ergonomic Uppo mouse and keyboard wrist support band can ensure your wrist health. We invite you to find your favorite wristband, you can choose from Cave Black, Dark Grey, Electric Blue, and Fire Red.

Written by Randy Nashleanas -Blogger/Gamer/Copywriter/Music Producer and Engineer.