Uppo®: The Ergonomic Wristband for PC Gamers

According to Statista, there are over 1.3 million PC gamers grinding away at their favorite dungeons and battle-royale matchups. For these extensive periods of time, we are at risk of gaining another enemy that can cause severe damage to our hands.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or also known as the ‘Silent Killer for PC Gamers,’ is a risk for gamers that do not take proper precautions when handling their mouse or keyboard. Luckily, an ergonomic device has been invented to help prevent this life-long and dangerous condition. They call it Uppo.

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Uppo wrist rest for computer users

Uppo, derived from the word “uplift,” is an ergonomic wrist rest developed for PC gamers that use a mouse or type for extended periods.The easy-to-use, easy-to-wash, and mobile device assists in proper posture, preventing serious injuries. Uppo also contains an innovative filling which can even be used as a stress ball from losing a huge matchup.

A Little History

Out of Piņķi, Latvia, a team of three incredible people launched Uppo in August 2018, making it possible to incorporate an awareness between health and the PC gaming industry. The team consists of Liene Gusta (Uppo’s Chief Designer), Girts Ozolins (Visionaire and Strategist), and Janis Strazdins (Operations).

Liene Gusta graduated the Latvian Academy of Arts as a functional designer but started suffering from wrist pain due to long hours in front of her computer. Although there are many remedies out there to help prevent wrist pain, nothing quite worked out well for her.

It was then she realized she should dedicate her master thesis to ergonomics. As a result, the first Uppo prototype was created and is now paving the way for a more healthy and less-stressful answer towards your computing needs.

What Happens Without Uppo?

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Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Most PC gamers tend to believe they are relaxing at their keyboard and mouse when in front of their computer. On the contrary, many muscles are being used when typing and when using your mouse and/or tablet.

For gamers, as they sit and focus on trying to earn that win, their upper bodies are quite tense without them realizing. This tenseness then feeds to your muscles and tendons which more often than not, restricts crucial blood flow to your hands and wrists.

These issues combined with improper keyboard and mouse posture can potentially open a whole new world of a severe lifelong conditions.

In terms of Uppo’s design features, it was created to lift the wrist to set it in its most natural position. The goal here is to prevent your wrist from resting on the desk which creates unnecessary pressure and restricts blood flow. Compared to traditional mouse pads or keyboards with rests, Uppo is always on – always working for you.

The Silent Killer of Pro Gamers

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Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is known as the silent killer of pro gamers and has been an issue for why some pro gamers end up retiring far too soon. To understand the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms such as tingling, numbness, and burning sensations are just the beginning of the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This could later cause a weakness in your hand and a lack of functionality for fine motor skills.  In extreme cases, some pro gamers have lost parts of their thumb muscles due to deterioration. Sadly, early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome is typically brushed off.

The Future for Uppo in the Gaming World

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Photo by Jamie McInall from Pexels

As simple as Uppo may seem, it is its simplicity and uniquely stylish design that assembles a plethora of limitless opportunities for the gaming world. Professional and casual gamers alike, are known to wear various supportive gadgets or braces to help prevent wrist pain and improper hand posture.

Now it is time for Uppo to make way into the gaming world. Uppo’s design is very slick and stylish. So stylish and lightweight in fact, that people who have written reviews – claim to have forgotten the ergonomic design was even on their wrist!

Not only that, the elastic material of the wristband can be used for unlimited periods of time. This would be absolutely perfect towards signaling attention within the pro gaming world.

Imagine teams of pro gamers wearing the Uppo wristband and winning major gaming championships. This is what the future could hold for Uppo.


As you can see, the possibilities for Uppo are limitless in the PC gaming world if given the chance. Gaming and health industries are now becoming more closely connected as Esports has officially become a professional sport.

I believe that once Uppo has been given a spotlight, it will take over the ergonomic wristband world by storm. Let us go over some quick features of the Uppo wristband once more:

Healthy Wrists

  • Supports lifting the wrist and setting it into its natural position.
  • Avoids incorrect pressure and wrist posture
  • Can prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Can prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Prevents rubbing and wrist calluses


  • Slick and stylish design
  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Highly affordable

Unlimited Usage

  • Can be used for unlimited periods of time
  • Elastic material for comfort
  • Lightweight

Less Stress

  • Lowers daily stress levels
  • Can be used as a stress ball
  • Can gently massage your wrist improving blood flow

Whether you are a casual or professional gamer, think about Uppo the next time your wrist is hurting or if you realize that your wrist posture is out of whack. Just always know, that Uppo is thinking of you.

Written by Randy Nashleanas -Blogger/Gamer/Copywriter/Music Producer and Engineer.