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Workplace ergonomics
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Healthy workplace challenges

Offering a more comfortable environment in any workplace is gaining more popularity currently.  Interestingly, a workplace trauma does not necessarily have to be dramatic as a falling crane or scaffold from the extended heights or a worker electrocuted by a poorly connected circuit. They can merely be problems like stiff necks, a strained back, and somewhat neglected wrong-positioned wrist that is affecting the wellbeing of your employee.

Wrists and computer work

Strange enough, the wrist happens to be neglected the most, especially by those people who often have to spend long hours working on a computer. The wrist related health disorders can arise from bad practices such as poor posture and repetitive action when typing on keyboard.

Three most important adjustments to improve workplace

Good ergonomics is vital to a productive, happy, and healthy workforce. So, here are the 3 most important adjustments that can improve workplace ergonomics.

Encourage a proper working posture

Whether employees are standing or sitting when using a computer or laptop in the office or at home, it is necessary to ensure and maintain a good working posture for computer work. They should be able to position their arms in correct ergonomic position if the wrists stands on the desk without experiencing much pressure on the median nerve. This can achieve using static wrist rests or traditional mouse pads with wrist rest. However, they are static and do not work as good as ergonomic wristbands like Uppo, because people move arms around and switch between keyboard and mouse.

Adjust working desks and chairs

Interestingly, the more positioned a chair or counter can be the more likely it will fit the worker using it. Companies normally encouraged to provide adjustable working chairs and desks for employees to maintain a good posture and neutral body position. For example, today it is possible to get specific ergonomic chairs like W chair or adjustable desks like UPLIFT desk.

Do short breaks throughout the day

Every company wishes to have a happy, productive and energized workforce. Going for short intermittent breaks is very important because employees need to relax their body from keeping the same posture for many hours or avoid arms from much repetitive movements. Every neurologist will approve this is one of the most important things to do when working with computer for long hours. That is why companies should ensure multiple breaks for their workers as this allows them to rest their eyes, neck, back arms, wrists and legs.